"I've asked for a 4-day leave, and with the weekend, the National Day holiday (Oct. 1-6) and Mid-Autumn Festival holidays (two days) combined, I have a total of 14 days off,” said Ms. Sun, who works in Shanghai. “I plan to go on vacation to Hainan with my family."
2023-10-03 15:29:47
Smartness is one of the organizing principles for the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou. Whether in the design and operation of venues, athlete participation, spectator experiences, or the digital torchbearer at the opening, there is a futuristic feel to all.
2023-10-03 15:26:04
Crafting memories to last a lifetime
Engage with intangible cultural heritage, partake in games like shuttlecock or cuju, craft lanterns, and don traditional hanfu clothing- at the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, beyond the intense competition, athletes can immerse themselves in traditional Chinese culture.
2023-10-03 14:20:25
As the significantly important traditional festival Mid-Autumn Festival falls on Sept 29 this year, it is a perfect occasion to indulge in delicious mooncake alongside family members.
2023-09-28 14:50:25
Finding freedom through mathematics and physics
However bad life may seem, there is always something you can do, and succeed at it." This is a famous line from "The Theory of Everything", an Oscar-winning film which portrays the inspiring life story of legendary mathematician Stephen Hawking.
2023-09-27 17:30:22
Film classes leave imprint on rural pupils
University students take movie appreciation lectures to countryside to promote art, culture, Xu Fan reports.
2023-09-25 16:44:58
A taste of adventure
Chef Li Zhanxu planned to stay in Europe until COVID changed her mind, to the delight of the capital's diners, Li Yingxue reports.
2023-09-21 17:17:38
Smart factory produces 15 million vegetable seedlings
The Chunxiao Agricultural Vegetable Factory in Dongchuan district of Kunming city, capital of Yunnan province, has completed the construction of 14 high-standard, smart greenhouse seedling nurseries.
2023-09-21 14:36:40
With about 10 days left before the Mid-Autumn Festival, creative trends are emerging in the mooncake market. Innovative marketing concepts like Maotai coffee and Sour plum soup of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) recipe are setting examples for mooncakes.
2023-09-21 13:47:21
'Forest for Life' exhibition unveiled to inspire eco-conscious Living
An art exhibition titled "Forest for Life" was jointly launched by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the China Green Foundation on Tuesday at the Overseas Cultural Exchanges Center in Beijing.
2023-09-20 17:25:07
China fashion week struts its stuff
China Fashion Week 2024 Spring Summer Collection opened in Beijing on Sept 7. Over the course of 10 days, it showcased the latest fashion trends for next year's spring and summer seasons.
2023-09-19 17:37:27
Colorful Guizhou photo show kicks off, displaying 12,472 pieces
Recently, the 2023 Colorful Guizhou • China Ecological International Photography Exhibition officially entered the exhibition phase after the opening ceremony.
2023-09-18 16:27:57
Lying on the bench, Ma Zhifu took a deep breath, lowered the weighted barbell to the chest, held it motionless, and then pressed it upward with a low grunt.
2023-09-17 14:57:27
Encountering Nepal: A Chinese photographer's trip to his dream destination
I had dreamed of Nepal several times, even before that very first trip to this land. In my eyes, it is a genuine paradise to anyone who loves photography, travel and wild nature in general.
2023-09-15 16:56:27
Is China fast turning into a Cinema Paradiso? Going by the stupendous box office collections so far this summer, it seems the assessment is not far off the mark. Ticket sales have hit about 20.6 billion yuan ($2.83 billion), surpassing the previous record of 17.8 billion set in the summer of 2019, according to recent reports.
2023-09-12 15:20:44
“Xiaozheng” has recently become a buzz word on social media. "Xiaozheng” youth refers to young people who earn a small income every day, emphasizing that they don't pursue quick and great wealth. They prefer to accumulate gradually at their own pace, working towards self-improvement and building a future.
2023-09-11 17:25:20
Arep Kulal, a retired sports journalist and experienced motorcycle road trip enthusiast, believes that Yunnan and Malaysia should take this opportunity to further expend their people-to-people exchanges and tourist cooperation. "I want to make more Malaysian people fall in love with Yunnan."
2023-09-11 16:37:25
For the 71-year-old Ng Likbo, "city walk", a new travel trend for youngsters, has never been a novelty.
2023-09-11 10:53:52
Goldfish adorn tide of history
Graceful and colorful creatures have been appreciated for different reasons through the ages, Xu Haoyu reports.
2023-09-08 16:33:54
Yi embroidery by hand gives off sense of warmth
Now, handmade Yi embroidery is getting increasingly visible for it comes from our beauty-seeking life. After all, beauty and love are eternal topics.
2023-09-07 17:52:22
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