2023 CITM in Yunnan offers golden opportunities to businesses

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Cultural tourist pruducts are on display at the 2023 China International Travel Mart (CITM).

With the theme "Nihao! China", the 2023 China International Travel Mart (CITM) opened in central Yunnan’s Kunming city on November 17.

The 2023 CITM covers 90,000 square meters, where six professional exhibition areas are set up. Around 5,000 standard booths were designed for exhibitors from 70 countries and regions, who participated in the event.

Let’s take a closer look.


A presenter and visitors at the 2023 China International Travel Mart (CITM)


Actors perform at the opening of 2023 China International Travel Mart (CITM).

The 2023 CITM pavilions were busy and each exhibition area showcased culturally creative products in a wide variety of styles. The palatable food specialties created a mouth-watering experience. Visitors were fully immersed in a delightful experience, enjoying the visual spectacle and delicious food.

Among other things, a series of measures were launched during the 2023 CITM Global Travel Creators Summit, where parties present carefully planned on better and easier inbound tourist services.


An actor performs at the Gansu pavilion of 2023 China International Travel Mart (CITM).

The 2023 CITM Global Travel Creators Summit

The China national tourism logo of "Nihao! China" was officially rolled out, sending a warm Chinese invitation to tourists worldwide.

Ctrip Group, together with Ant Group and China Tourism Group, jointly initiated the inbound-tourism collaborative alliance, in a bid to quicken recovery of inbound tourism.


Initiation of the inbound-tourism collaborative alliance

Currently, China's inbound tourism still shows enormous potential, and driven by favorable policies, the recovery process is accelerating. According to Ctrip data, from January to October this year, orders for inbound tours increased by 125% compared to the previous year. This upward trend also raised travel agents' expectations for the travel market.

Henri Giscard d’Estaing, president of Club Med, was excited to witness the rapid growth in bookings by Chinese travelers. They consider the Chinese market as a testing ground for digital innovations and are working on ice-snow tours for better customer experience.

"In the next two years, we plan to open 15 new resorts worldwide, with half of them situated in China," said Henri.


Henri Giscard d’Estaing speaks at the CITM.


Sri Lankan actors stage a show at the CITM international pavilion.

Anura Fernando, Sri Lankan consul general in Shanghai, said tourist exchange and cooperation is a two-way interaction that benefits both sides. “Cultural exchanges between Sri Lanka and China are mutually beneficial, and the two sides should establish broader channels for more cooperation.”

South African tourism minister Patricia De Lille said China's tourism is developing rapidly and South Africa can learn a lot from the Chinese practices. “I will recommend Yunnan to the South African people!” said De Lille.

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2023 CITM in Yunnan offers golden opportunities to businesses