Colorful Guizhou photo show kicks off, displaying 12,472 pieces

By Gateway   |   Sep 18,2023   16:27:57

Recently, the 2023 Colorful Guizhou • China Ecological International Photography Exhibition officially entered the exhibition phase after the opening ceremony. This exhibition collected a total of 12,472 photographs and videos. After preliminary screening by the exhibition's organizing committee, 996 photographs and videos were selected for the final evaluation.

This year's exhibition was divided into four categories: "The Power and Beauty Amidst Vast Mountains and Rivers," "Small Bridges with Flowing Water and Happy Homes," "Colorful Bridge Journeys," and "Bridge Builders." A total of 5 first prizes, 10 second prizes, and 15 third prizes were awarded in both the photo and video categories.

Additionally, to encourage more photography artists and enthusiasts to continue focusing on Guizhou province, and effectively use images to narrate the changes in Guizhou and symbolize China's development to both domestic and international audiences, a "Judges' Honorary Award" was established for one recipient (short video category).

Here are some of the award-winning works:

Source:China Ecological International Photography Exhibition; Trans-editing by Wang Yunya

Colorful Guizhou photo show kicks off, displaying 12,472 pieces