Chinese travelers to embrace snow, ice tours

By Gateway   |   Nov 20,2023   18:04:36

Parts of China have seen snowy weather, marking the start of the ice and snow tourism season. Preparations at major ice and snow scenic spots and ski resorts have entered the final sprint, and the enthusiasm for ice and snow travel continues to rise.

Tuniu, a tour service provider website, predicted that the 2023-2024 ice and snow season will see an explosive growth in tourism consumption. According to latest data, the search volume for Tuniu's ice and snow-related products in October has increased by 124% compared to that in September.

Since the Beijing Winter Olympics, the trend of younger and lower-aged ice and snow travelers has strengthened. Tuniu's data shows that post-1990 and post-2000 generations consumed 60% the ice and snow travel products.

For those afraid of cold days, they are planning to travel to Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa to enjoy warmth during the coming 2024 Spring Festival.

Dai Bin, the director of the China Tourism Academy, said that the Spring Festival of the Year of Dragon will be a most touristy occasion, when dining, shopping and other consumptive activities will prevail.

Source: China National Radio (CNR); trans-editing by Wang Yunya

Chinese travelers to embrace snow, ice tours