Yao Can See | Yunnan coffee, tea present a wonderful life

Apr 01,2024   16:05:24

The Coffee and Tea Network Culture Festival 2024 opened at Park 1903 in central Yunnan's Kunming city on March 28, displaying various coffee, tea, flowers, snacks, and cultural heritages. Everything tells the wonderful life in Yunnan.

Park 1903 in central Yunnan's Kunming city (Guo Yao/Yunnan Daily)

Yunnan's colorful life comes from its delicious food and rich products nurtured by the natural environment and abundant resources.

Coffee brands from Pu’er, Baoshan, Xishuangbanna, Dali, and Dehong gathered at the event. Special coffee blending, hand brewing and coffee tasting allowed customers to better know Yunnan's high-quality coffee beans.

Niche coffee products also made a hit. "Our signature flavor is the refreshing avocado coffee that requires high-quality ingredients," said the barista at the Ziyuan Cat booth.

"Based on Yili's ambrosial yogurt with avocado and oat flavors, we add the Yili pure milk, a shot of expresso, and fresh avocado puree. The avocado coffee is not complex in ingredients, but the mellow-thick taste makes it popular among consumers."

A staff member from Yili Yunnan Dairy told anchor Yao that Yili focuses on new products with local characteristics. The product developing team visited southwest Yunnan’s Menglian county, home to Chinese avocados. Having selected high-quality Menglian avocados and married them with oats and yogurt, the team rolled out an avocado-flavored yogurt on this year's Spring Equinox.

Booth of Yili Yunnan Dairy at the Coffee and Tea Network Culture Festival on March 29, 2024. (Guo Yao/Yunnan Daily)

In addition to special coffee, snacks from various Yunnan prefectures also took hold of the taste buds of foodies, and they include ancient tea from Jingmai Mountain, milk boiled by the stove, avocado ice cream, and wild mushrooms.

Yunnan's colorful life also comes from the uniqueness of Yunnan cultural heritages, such as Jianshui purple pottery, Kunming clay cats, and the Yi embroidery. The tea and coffee-themed cultural products allowed the aesthetics of life to bloom in creativity.

As spring comes, let's experience Yunnan's wonderful life featuring coffee and tea. Check the short video.


Consumers try different coffee products on the Coffee and Tea Network Culture Festival 2024. (Guoyao/Yunnan Daily)

Reporting by Guo Yao and Han Chengyuan

Yao Can See | Yunnan coffee, tea present a wonderful life