Overseas journey of Pu'er coffee
Thanks to its favorable environment and climate, southwest Yunnan’s Pu'er city began growing Arabica coffee in 1956. Thick, fragrant, slightly sour and oily, the Pu'er coffee is dubbed as “a taste from hills and woods afar”. It is favored by Chinese and overseas consumers alike.
2023-10-08 17:46:46
When Sepak takraw meets soccer
Young Sepak takraw players and lovers visited Longchuan county, west Yunnan’s Dehong Dai and Jingpo autonomous prefecture on Oct. 1, share views on the game with local professional soccer players. What is going to happen when Sepak takraw meets soccer? Let’s see!
2023-10-08 13:59:51
Yunnan stages Mid-Autumn Festival gala in Yangon
More than 50 artists from China and Myanmar staged their traditional cultures with exquisite artistic skills, telling the ever-lasting paukphaw friendship between the two countries.
2023-10-05 07:19:47
Zhonghe airport put into use, a breakthrough for Lincang
The Zhonghe General Aviation airport in Fengqing county, southwest Yunnan’s Lincang city, was officially put into operation on September 26, making Lincang the first Yunnan locality to have three airports.
2023-09-27 17:34:16
Go deep in Lijiang: Preserved meats warm up Lijiang’s winter
In the winter days of Lijiang, sausages and preserved pork take the spotlight. In the rural courtyards of Lijiang, sausages and preserved pork are often seen on balconies and clotheslines during this time.
2023-09-21 14:26:50
Man and nature exist in harmony at Mt. Jingmai
Yunnan province is the birthplace of global tea varieties, and Pu’er city is one of the core tea-producing regions in Yunnan. The city is also the origin of the Tea-Horse Ancient Road and has significant influence on the world tea culture. With a long history of producing Pu’er tea, Pu’er has its uniqueness.
2023-09-21 14:11:09
A sip of De’ang sour tea in leisure
Tea, a business card of Yunnan province, features time-honored culture and history. The customs of drinking tea differ among Yunnan ethnic groups. Among the diverse tea varieties, the sour tea of De’ang people is a gift from the mountain.
2023-09-18 17:19:15
Yunnan-Thailand trade doubles in four years
The trade volume between Yunnan and Thailand increased from $1.033 billion in 2018 to $2.352 billion in 2022, doubling in four years.
2023-09-15 11:41:50
Chuxiong produces 49,700 tons of wild mushrooms in 2022
Chuxiong Yi autonomous prefecture in central Yunnan is famous for mastsutake mushrooms. Chuxiong boasts the highest wild mushroom production in Yunnan province.
2023-09-12 14:28:36
Belt and Road media tour launched in Yunnan, focusing on dry ports
Reporters and would-be communicators with the Yunnan, Sichuan and Chonqing international communication centers kicked off their Belt and Road media tour in Yunnan province on September 11.
2023-09-12 12:11:30
Yunnan displays distinct medicines, services at 2023 CIFTIS
Yunnan province is exhibiting its bio-medicine, ethnic medicine, professional service and intellectual property rights (IPR) service at the ongoing 2023 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) in Beijing.
2023-09-05 16:45:24
New energy, digital economy gain industrial steam in Yunnan
Since 2021, Yunnan has invited in investment for specific industrial chains and optimized its business environment through major projects. As a result, local industrial development is gaining momentum.
2023-09-01 16:05:41
In Meizhou city of Guangdong province, Ye Feng, a 27-year-old Wa girl and other 10 Wa performers are rehearsing for their traditional songs and dances.
2023-09-04 11:04:24
Be a healthy living practitioner in Pu'er
During the 7th China-South Asia Exposition (CSA Expo) and the 27th China Kunming Import and Export Fair, a group of journalists from Iraq, Jordan, Morocco, Nepal, Palestine and Vietnam visited southwest Yunnan’s Pu’er city on August 17. They explored the Ancient Tea-Horse Road section, while experiencing the pleasant coffee-tea life there. Pu'er is the right place for “healthy-living practitioners”.
2023-08-22 10:36:17
Dream, career of an elephant doctor in Yunnan
When talking about elephants in Yunnan, many people will think of the time when elephants were trekking northwards and finally back to the south of the province. Two years has passed, but Bao Mingwei, an elephant doctor, still has much to say.
2023-08-22 15:33:45
The crested ibis, a first-class nationally protected wild bird species, was spotted in Menglian Dai, Lahu and Wa autonomous county of Pu'er city in the southwest of Yunnan province. Photographers captured the images of them foraging in the rice fields.
2023-08-22 15:53:33
Traveling in Dali brings a sense of futurity
There are several compelling reasons to visit wondrous Dali in the province of Yunnan. For those who remain unconvinced, a quick search for 'travel in Dali' on a search engine yields attractive results.
2023-08-18 21:14:08
Expo stories: CSA Expo good for branding, health cooperation
The CSA Expo has grown to be a key platform for economic cooperation and people-to-people exchanges. Today we have another two friends sharing with us their expo stories.
2023-08-17 09:29:03
Expo stories:  Int’l friends play different roles in CSA Expo
During the past decade, international friends who played different roles in the Expo have already left touching stories.
2023-08-15 18:34:57
Fire worship in Chuxiong highlighted by left-footed dance
In central Yunnan’s Chuxiong Yi autonomous prefecture, a memorial ceremony for fire was highlighted by left-footed dances and torch carnivals on August 10.
2023-08-11 15:40:04
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