From fields to vases, Yunnan flowers enjoy a unique journey
In recent years, the Yunnan floral industry chain, encompassing cultivation, harvest, trade, and transportation, has been improved. From the flower fields to vases, each Yunnan flower embarks on a unique journey.
2023-08-10 14:57:52
Go Deep in Lijiang: Sandieshui banquet of Naxi folks
The Sandieshui banquet, which features three rounds of dishes, is a grand feast for Naxi folks in Lijiang. It is the highest level of hospitality extended to guests.
2023-08-09 17:46:10
Go Deep in Lijiang: Summer in the yak meadow of Lijiang
Ride the cable car slowly and ascend to an altitude of 3,800 meters, visitors will reach the Lijiang yak meadow that offers a distant view of the highest peak of the Yulong Snow mountain.
2023-08-07 09:23:31
Zhenyuan county in southwest Yunnan’s Pu’er city has been dedicated to developing the Macadamia nut industry as a means to increase local prosperity.
2023-08-07 09:32:37
Asian elephants beat summer heat in Pu'er river
Recently, a group of wild Asian elephants was spotted bathing and frolicking in a river in Jiangcheng Hani and Yi autonomous county, southwest Yunnan’s Pu’er city.
2023-08-03 15:38:31
Lijiang old town offers free Dongba blessings
Starting from July 20th, the Lijiang Ancient Town holds the "Free Dongba Blessings" event on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at Sifang Street, the most bustling area in Lijiang. The event has attracted numerous tourists.
2023-08-03 15:50:15
Mangjing village presents man-nature harmony
Located in the core area of ancient tea garden in the Jingmai mountain, Mangjing is a Bulang village in Lancang Lahu autonomous county, southwest Yunnan’s Pu’er city.
2023-07-25 17:13:06
Go Deep in Lijiang: Fascinating symbols of a living language
Widely recognised as the only living pictographic language in the world, the Naxi Dongba script and Pictographs are easily spotted around The Old Town of Lijiang - a UNESCO World Heritage Listed site.
2023-07-26 14:58:22
Wild Asian elephants spotted in Yunnan Province, no incidents reported
A total of 43 wild Asian elephants were recently spotted approaching residential areas in Mohan town, Southwest China's Yunnan Province.
2023-07-22 18:37:45
Yunnan wild mushrooms favored by Chinese consumers
Entering the rainy season since June, Yunnan sees wild edible mushrooms hitting the market. Chinese foodies travel to Yunnan to taste them or simply buy them online.
2023-07-18 10:05:21
Dubbed "elves of the snow mountain", the Yunnan snub-nosed monkey lives at the highest altitude that any primate (apart from human) can survive and was once on the verge of extinction.
2023-07-21 11:15:27
Lijiang resumes int’l air service to Bangkok
Flight DR5041 took off from northwest Yunnan’s Lijiang airport and landed at the Thai Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok on July 11, marking Lijiang’s resumption of its international air service.
2023-07-13 17:03:46
Malaysia food event opens in Kunming
The 4th Malaysia Food and Cultural Festival kicked off in central Yunnan’s Kunming city on July 7, and Faizal Bin Shani, the Malaysian consul general in Kunming, attended the event.
2023-07-11 11:43:06
Elephant rescue in Yunnan with a surprising twist
Police and elephant monitors swiftly responded to a call of two trapped wild elephants. But it turns out the little rascals were just looking for a cool spot to beat the heat!
2023-07-10 11:25:28
Go Deep in Lijiang: Spanning divides in Tiger Leaping Gorge
The menu at the restaurant in Tina's Guesthouse was as impressive as the ones in the Tea Horse and at Halfway lodges.
2023-07-07 09:59:36
Go Deep in Lijiang: Thrills and encounters along Tiger Leaping Gorge
Day two of their walk challenged them with more danger and presented them with more wonder. To them, danger came in the form of walking on a wet path close to edges of cliffs, over rocks and stones.
2023-07-06 19:33:34
Go Deep in Lijiang: Guesthouse provides pleasant overnight stop
The Tea Horse Guesthouse offered an impressive menu of dishes. There was a restaurant on the ground floor and a cafe on the upper level. Both far exceeded their expectation of a simple eatery one would usually associate with lodges tucked away in the mountains.
2023-07-05 16:50:49
Forest musk deer spotted in Jingdong
The staff of Mt. Wuliang and Ailao nature reserve recently captured images of a forest musk deer by a infrared camera in Jingdong county, SW Yunnan’s Pu’er.
2023-07-04 19:14:54
Go Deep in Lijiang: Adventure of hiking in Tiger Leaping Gorge
After staying in the old town of Lijiang, Yang Piyuan and Ai Lin started their waking adventure in the Tiger Leaping Gorge, one of the most world-renowned hiking routes in the world.
2023-07-01 18:50:14
Go Deep in Lijiang: Admiral inspires Malaysians to hike in Yunnan
Yang Piyuan and Ai Lin are Malaysian teachers. Recently, they started a trip in Yunnan. It was their third time to travel in Yunnan. This time, they decided to set foot on northwest Yunnan’s Lijiang and Dali.
2023-06-30 18:16:51
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