Challenge Yunnan: RV life can't be without music
How does it feel to own a RV and drive it around in Yunnan?In this latest episode of Challenge Yunnan presented by Explain Studio, Columbian RV travel enthusiast and content creator Fernando makes this dream come true.
2023-05-25 15:13:05
Hekou port puts through 1 mil tons of cargo
The Hekou dry port in south Yunnan’s Honghe Hani and Yi autonomous prefecture has put through one million tons of cargo this year as of May 19, an increase of 107.3%.
2023-05-23 09:12:50
Yekuolahu: A settlement to preserve Lahu traditions
To truly immerse yourself in the authentic culture of the Lahu ethnic group, you must visit the Yekuolahu settlement in Lancang county, southwest Yunnan’s Pu’er city. Yekuo means ecology and primitiveness in the Lahu language, and Yekuolahu is the best-preserved Lahu settlement.
2023-05-16 19:43:10
Go Deep in Lijiang: He presents life through woodcarving
At a shop in northwest Yunnan’s Lijiang Old Town, He Jinping is carving wood logs with a knife. He is a 45-year-old local man. Falling in love with wood carving in his boyhood, he has been doing this for 30 years.
2023-05-16 19:26:48
Elephants spotted on highway
A group of Asian elephants were spotted striding on the highway in southwest Yunnan’s Pu’er on May 7. The local authority took the emergent measures to regulate the traffic immediately.
2023-05-12 18:31:10
Hi Yuxi: Jacaranda blooming in Yuxi
When the early summer falls in May, jacaranda flowers are in full blossom in central Yunnan’s Yuxi city, inviting in hosts of tourists.
2023-05-11 13:59:12
Go Deep in Lijiang: Artists light up life in art town
Lying at the foot of Yulong Snow Mountain in northwest Yunnan’s Lijiang, Snow Mountain Art Town, also known as COART Village, is a resort where artists live and create.
2023-05-05 18:52:42
Yunnan cross-border tours trendy during holiday
During the May Day holiday that lasted from April 29 to May 3, the cross-border tours around the Yunnan border towns have formed a trend thanks to the optimized policies for entry and exit.
2023-05-04 18:16:02
Black pottery, Pu’er tea paired best in Zhenyuan county
Zhenyuan Yi, Hani and Lahu autonomous county, southwest Yunnan’s Pu’er city, is famous for its wild tea trees with more than 2,700 years’ history. Now, the Zhenyuan ancient black-pottery making skill has been listed as a provincial intangible cultural heritage, making the county even more well-known.
2023-04-27 14:06:34
Ruili, an original jade-producing region as well as a major distribution center for jewelry and gemstones, is located in west Yunnan's Dehong Dai and Jingpo autonomous prefecture that borders Myanmar.
2023-05-04 10:26:28
Water-splashing festival in Yunnan boosts local tourism
A grand water-splashing festival in southwest China's Yunnan Province has attracted tens of thousands of people to take part in the event, further boosting local tourism.
2023-04-26 09:52:36
Go Deep in Lijiang: Rare Mrs Hume's pheasant filmed in Laojun Mountain
Long-tail, black neck and red face, the unusual bird wandering in the forest is a Mrs Hume's pheasant (Syrmaticus humiae), also known as Hume's pheasant.
2023-04-24 18:14:39
Concert held in tea forest of Jingmai Mountain
With the theme of "Coffee Meets Tea in Pu'er", a double piano concert was held on 19th in the ancient tea forest of the Jingmai Mountain in Lancang Lahu autonomous county, southwest Yunnan’s Pu'er city.
2023-04-23 11:53:34
Pu'er welcomes first inbound travelers via China-Laos Railway
"Welcome to Purer. China and Thailand are family!" At 10 o'clock on the evening of April 18, southwest Yunnan’s Pu'er city welcomed the first batch of inbound tourists from Thailand, who arrived in the city via China-Laos Railway.
2023-04-23 11:24:52
Galaxy of water lanterns lights up night sky in Jinggu
On the evening of April 15, crowds of people placed carefully-made water lanterns into the lucid Weiyuan River in Jinggu Dai and Yi Autonomous County, Pu'er, southwest China's Yunnan Province, creating a scene that resembled a galaxy in the water.
2023-04-21 18:13:00
The rare and elusive orchid mantis, known as hymenopus coronatus, has recently been found in southwest China's Yunnan Province, exciting locals and entomologists with its beautiful appearance and incredible floral mimicry skills.
2023-04-21 18:03:52
Int’l railway brings Pu’er new opportunities
The China-Laos Railway has three stations set in Pu’er city in the southwest of Yunnan province. Since the Kunming-Vientiane direct train service was launched for international passengers on Apr. 13.
2023-04-21 11:08:04
Hu Wenkun: My dreams are in the wild world
“I’m looking forward to seeing more tourists and travelers leaving their footprints on this amazing land, and enjoying a wild Yunnan,” says Hu Wenkun, a local adventurer from Yunnan.
2023-04-19 17:42:40
Yunnan set to celebrate China Tourism Day
The Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced on Thursday this year's theme as "Beautiful China, Happy Journey", and that there will be a series of online and in-person activities.
2023-04-14 11:10:23
A new intelligent Apolong II autonomous minibus developed by Baidu debuted in a Kunming wetland park on April 16, attracting residents and tourists alike.
2023-04-18 15:58:27
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