Nurturing the specialty coffee business in Yunnan
Jin Kehong took a deep breath and inhaled the aroma of the coffee beans, carefully brewed them on a stove, then took a sip, letting the flavor spread over his palate.
2023-03-29 17:33:30
A salvage team guarding Dianchi for over 30 years
Dianchi, also called Kunming lake, is located southwest of Kunming. Dianchi is China's sixth-largest freshwater lake and Yunnan's biggest lake. It is praised as a pearl on plateau for its beautiful scenery.
2023-03-29 16:19:45
Challenge Yunnan|Host Jerry challenges delicacies in wet market
The first episode will show you the famous Kunming Zhuanxin market. In the wet market, our host Jerry and Dr. Htike Lwin Ko from Myanmar try many delicacies like milk fan, pea-flour jelly, preserved beef and so on. Enjoy the video!
2023-03-28 17:32:22
Special Yunnan Lifestyle| Langurs, monkeys, gibbons... They have
A world of primates shown by phtographs.
2023-03-28 17:34:03
Go Deep in Lijiang: Black storks seen in Lashihai reserve
6 black storks were recently spotted foraging in the Lashih Lake Wetland Nature Reserve in NW Yunnan’s Lijiang. The wetland is considered an important habitat for migratory birds. Only 2 black storks were spotted last year, but 4 more are seen this year.
2023-03-28 17:43:07
China Rural Vitalization: Governments, companies, scholars jointly explore tea industry development in Jingmai Mountain
Chinese government officials, companies and scholars have gathered in Shenzhen to jointly explore development of the tea industry and rural vitalization in Jingmai Mountain in Pu'er City in southwest China's Yunnan Province.
2023-03-28 11:52:34
Peony festival begins in Wuding
The 2023 Peony Cultural Tourism Festival officially kicked off on March 25 in Wuding county, central Yunnan's Chuxiong Yi autonomous prefecture.
2023-03-27 12:13:21
Spring tea picking starts in China's Yunnan
Spring tea picking started in the ancient tea forests on Jingmai Mountain in China's Yunnan on Saturday.
2023-03-27 09:48:43
Hi, Kunming: Dongchuan land praised as God palette
Favored by photographers and backpackers, the Dongchuan red-soil land is a most famous tourist destination in central Yunnan’s Kunming city. It is praised as the “God's palette”.
2023-03-23 18:32:10
Jin Kehong took a deep breath and inhaled the aroma of the coffee beans, carefully brewed them on a stove, then took a sip, letting the flavor spread over his palate.
2023-03-24 10:36:24
Purple swamphens live in Tengchong marsh
Known as the "most beautiful aquatic bird, the purple swamphen is spotted frequently in the Beihai wetland area of Tengchong, southwest Yunnan’s Baoshan city.
2023-03-23 18:07:48
Bamboo slips unearthed in China's Yunnan bear high historical value: experts
A trove of bamboo slips uncovered recently in Yunnan Province in southwest China would help decipher the administrative power of the central government of the Western Han Dynasty (202 BC-25 AD) over the Yunnan region, experts said.
2023-03-21 11:17:59
Tiger festival held in Shuangbai county
With the theme of meeting in Chuxiong, the 2023 Tiger Cultural Festival kicked off in Shuangbai County, central Yunnan's Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture on March 17.
2023-03-18 16:15:07
45 new bird species observed during festival
231 kinds of birds were observed and recorded during the 2023 Bird-watching Festival, among which 45 kinds were newly discovered. The three-day activity concluded in Nuozhadu Nature Reserve in SW Yunnan’s Puer recently.
2023-03-16 18:04:51
Go Deep in Lijiang: Flowers enter full bloom in spring
In March, spring has finally arrived in Lijiang and it is the season when the natural world revives following winter. During this warm season, flowering vegetations are in full bloom and everything on earth quietly wakes up.
2023-03-16 16:49:33
Go Deep in Lijiang: Spring scenery of Shigu
Famous for the First Bend of the Yangtze River, Shigu Town is located in Yulong county, northwest Yunnan’s Lijiang city, where the Jinsha River (the upper reach of the Yangtze River) suddenly makes a U-turn from northwest to northeast.
2023-03-16 16:37:16
Coffee brewers to compete for prizes in Baoshan
From March 14 to 18, the 8th China Coffee Brewing Competition National Finals and the 1st Beaton Coffee Culture Festival will be held in Longyang district, Baoshan city, southwest Yunnan province. 28 top coffee brewers from all over China will compete for the top prize in the national finals.
2023-03-16 15:35:07
Worldwide, Yunnan has largest area growing macadamia
Since macadamia was introduced to southwest Yunnan’s Lincang city 30 years ago, the growing area there has reached 2.63 million mu (about 1753.33 square kilometers), the world's largest area for producing the Australian nut.
2023-03-15 13:56:57
Young people love mini vacation through high-speed train
With the construction of China's high-speed railway network, the short-distance travel has been redefined to include those moving more than 600 km. Then, cross-province travel and cross-city travel have become daily routines. As most young people like mini vacation, traveling by high-speed rail is getting popular. Many young people hope to enjoy a cross-city trip every three to four weeks on average.
2023-03-14 13:54:13
The sports cause of Yunnan province has made remarkable achievements in the past year. Now, almost all the towns and villages have stadiums. The sport area per capita has increased to 2.5 square meters. The number of social sports instructors has exceeded 120,000. And every 1,000 people have 2.5 instructors on average.
2023-03-14 14:07:42
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